Hunting For The Cure With Bailey Lewin

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Bailey Lewin.  I am a teacher and the epitome of an adult amateur rider.  You know those adult ammys who don't appreciate any "rough" conditions when showing; ie: rain, wet spots, too much wind etc. but appreciate a good glass of wine.


I have been leasing the most AMAZING Hanoverian mare from my trainer Jackie Howard for almost 5 years.  As a young rider, I wanted so badly to be able to go to shows and compete regularly but it just wasn't possible.  I am so grateful to my trainer and Hana for making so many of my dreams possible.


I am married to the most supportive husband there is out there.  He helps pack for shows, comes to a lot of the shows, and helps unpack after the shows.  He not only supports my riding and showing but he supports all things Hunt for the Cure.  He goes to ALL the events, helps package orders, takes orders to the post office and so much more.  Hunt for the Cure would not be possible without him. 




When I am not riding or at Hunt for the Cure events I am a 3rd grade teacher.  I have been teaching for 5 years and 3 of them in third grade.  Teaching takes a lot of my time so I am so humbled by the Hunt for the Cure's supporters and the grace they give me when getting orders out and responding to their DMs and emails.  


How did you come up with Hunt For The Cure?
When I was a sophomore in college I was on a walk team benefiting Susan G. Komen.  I saw all these teams raising tons of money and saw how much it benefited the cause.  I decided I wanted to do more, I wanted to make a bigger impact than just walking once a year and raising my minimum $100 dollars. I chose to combine my passion for horses and my passion for finding a cure for cancer and thus, Hunt for the Cure began. 


I started really small and just did one event at Triton Stables in Durham, NC.  I sold a few bows and one style of event shirt.  They donated the entry fees for any schooling round entered.  We donated around $350 dollars that year.  School got really crazy and I took a bit of a break from Hunt for the Cure. 


A couple years later my Uncle passed away from cancer and then my Nana.  At that point I decided it was time to dive back in and make Hunt for the Cure bigger and better than ever.  I teamed up with the American Cancer Society and I came up with the dream to bring together the wider equestrian community to bring awareness and a cure for cancer. 


I work with different shows and companies to put on Hunt for the Cure Pink Day Shows and also offer online sales of our products.  Hunt for the Cure is a fundraiser.  100% of the money from the events (ie silent auctions, raffles, donated amounts from entry fees etc) then 60% of any profits from our merchandise and products are donated.  


What are the biggest challenges you're facing? 
I am a teacher, o Hunt for the Cure is my passion project.  As Hunt for the Cure has grown I didn't realize how much time it would take but thanks to my husband and some AMAZING interns I have had over the years we make it work. 


The other biggest challenge has been growing our brand and getting sponsors for our events.  I always thought it would be no problem to grow our idea and get donations for events but it takes a lot of work and curating a lot of relationships.  The more we grow the more we need donations and sponsors.  We love the amazing companies who continue to support us but with new events means new items needed and more customers we need to reach. 


What excites you about 2019?
I am most excited about all the growth I hope to see this year! We raised over $5,000 dollars a last year and hope to raise $8,000 this year.  Some of the events we attend year after year and I love to see how these events grow and change.  We have amazing supporters that look forward to our Pink Day Horse Shows each year at Sedgefield Showgrounds in Greensboro, NC and Harmon Classic Horse Show in Tryon, NC. 


We are looking forward to two new events this year; one at Runningwind Farms in Midland, NC and our first dressage show in Pinehurst, NC. I am excited to see how far we can grow in social media and where we are reaching new clients.  We mainly have been sending products around the east coast and I look forward to growing our customers across the country.  We do a lot of business at the events but this year we look forward to expanding our online orders.  


What is your favorite mantra or words of advice? 
Dream Big! I have HUGE dreams for Hunt for the Cure and some people ask my why? Why would I spend so much time and effort on this and why can't I just be happy with how much I have already grown but nope I want to do more.  You don't accomplish anything big if you don't have big dreams first. 

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